Our charcoal range of non reflective windscreen tinting films has been acknowledged by local tinters as one of the best products available in today’s UK market. Given its high quality of manufacturing, 1 ply thickness and excellent resistance and rejection criteria along with the fact that it forms well with heat, allows the tinters to drastically speed up the time of application, whilst ensuring the quality of the finished product is as high as ever.

Non Reflective Window Tinting Films are now very commonly used in the tinting industry today, as the method of manufacture allows for the use of satellite navigation systems.  

  • Charcoal 5
  • Charcoal 20
  • Charcoal 35
  • Charcoal 50

See our Films article for more information.

Every film that Advanced Vehicle Tints supplies as well as adding a good look to your car and changing the appearance of it also doubles up as a safety film too... The film acts as a barrier between your passengers and the glass.

What use is that you ask?

Simple really...... IF you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car crash or someone has damaged your glass the window tint will hold the glass in place, and by doing so prevents nasty cuts and glass shards going everywhere in the vehicle.

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