How dark can my windows be tinted?

The tinting laws vary from in each region throughout the country, but in general the front side windows must allow at least 70% light transmission (light passing into the car). There are no restrictions to the amount of tint applied to the rear windows.

If my car has windows tinted by the manufacturer of my vehicle, why should I use Car Tinting products?

Many reasons. Firstly manufacturer glass does not protect the passengers from UV radiation, which can be harmful to you, your children and pets. Also, generally only the rear windows are tinted so you can make the car look more aesthetically pleasing. This dramatically improves the appearance of your vehicle.

Can I tint my windscreen?

You may have a sun strip or sun shade at the top of the windscreen, but it must be less than 8 inches long or 1 tenth of the height of the screen.

Will the tint peel after it has been installed to my car?

At Advanced Vehicle Tints we use products which have been tried and tested in the most demanding environments. All fitters undergo training on correct application by the manufacturers to ensure a professional service. All products are guaranteed while you are in possession of the car.

What other benefits are there to tinting?

Unlawful entry to car by thieves through the windows is slowed dramatically because of the strength of the film. However, if you want maximum protection Security Film is also available. You and the passengers are protected from shattered, broken or flying glass in the event of an accident. Because films rejects 99.9% UV rays and reflects solar energy you will enjoy a more comfortable environment inside the car both in the summer (cooler) and winter (warmer).

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