SUN-GARD's Shadow non-reflective, color-stable film will stand the test of time. Many car manufacturers are advising that metallised film may interfere with keyless locks, GPS, satellite and radio systems.

Shadow's metal free construction makes it the perfect film to avoid any signal disruption. Manufactured with the newest color-stable technology in dyed films, Shadow is durable, long lasting and provides enhanced UV radiation protection.

Like all SUN-GARD solar control films, Shadow films:

Reduce glare
  • Protect against up to 99% of UV-A rays
  • Have a strong scratch-resistant coating
  • Shadow films are 1.5 mil and are available in 5, 20, 32 & 50% VLTs.
Lifetime Warranty

Professionally installed SUN-GARD brand Shadow automotive window films are warranted against the following for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Adhesive failure
  • Excessive change of color

For more information on the warranty please ask a member of staff.

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